Thursday, 11 December 2014

Thats a Wrap!

So, you've spent all your hard earned money, you've visited every shop & website and you've finally found the perfect gifts for all your loved ones, all that's left to do is wrap them! You must never underestimate the power of good wrapping! It takes an ordinary gift to another level and just makes it so special to give to someone, not to mention how good they look under the tree. I'm now going to share my top Gift Wrap tips with you and some beautiful inspirational pics.
Happy Wrapping:)
  • Leave your wrapping until all of your shopping is done & do it all together.
  • Set up a good station for yourself with everything you need & a big table.
  • Make yourself some mulled wine & put on some Christmas music.
  • Collect things you love such as Cinnamon Sticks, Stars, Candy Canes etc.
  • Visit your local Craft Store & Pound Shop to stock up on brown paper, tissue, tape & twine.
  • Get yourself a good scissors.
  • Forage the woods/garden for festive greenery holy & berries.
  • Google Free Printable Gift Tags... There is loads of them.
  • Always have an element of pattern, whether its in your ribbon, tape or paper.
  • Don't be afraid to mix it up & clash.
  • Have your labels ready made and find yourself a good pen.
  • Always fold down the edges of your paper for a neater finish.
  • Use as little tape as possible, unless its decorative.
  • Have fun & enjoy giving your presents!

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