Monday, 4 May 2015

Face of JD Sports

So it's been a bit quiet here lately! Back in February I started a 6 week challenge which involved a return to working out, a lot of meal planning & prepping and a bit of sugar craving too! I really enjoyed focusing on this area of my life and have tried to keep it up as much as I can... With the occasional pizza and glass of wine of course! It does involve a lot of extra work though, so on top of a full time job that's why I've been so busy and quiet. But hopefully I've learnt to juggle them all now!

So when I heard that JD Sports were looking for a new face for 2015 to front their brand and collections I was intrigued! Once again the trainer champions have chosen street style over supermodels for their latest product shots, billboards and even tv ads! If, like me, you'd prefer a new pair of Nike Roshe than Louboutin Pigalles or your heart skipped a beat when you saw the new Stella for Adidas collection, then this is definitely the competition for you!

Thanks to the JD App, its super easy to enter! Just upload a photo of yourself & a bit of info about what you're in to, and then fans can vote for their favourite entries!
Click here to read more and enter!

Best of luck!


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