Wednesday, 2 October 2013

My News!

So I have a bit of personal news I wanted to share with you all,
A Stitch in Style is on the move!
After months and months of planning and saving, myself and my boyfriend have finally booked our tickets and
we are off to Australia in January!!
I am so, so excited to head off an our little adventure and I will of course be continuing my blog on my travels. I will however only have a backpack with me so my outfit posts may not be slightly limited:)!
I am really interested in the fashion scene in Australia at the moment, there are a lot of talented new designers emerging, interesting boutiques, and super stylish bloggers, and I hope to gain some experience in the industry while I am there.
I still have a bit of time before the packing panic starts so blogging will continue as normal for the time being:)

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